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Learning methods

I offer three types of methods for learning to play.

They are accessible below.

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Instruments de musique dans les Landes 

Les landes de Gascogne possèdent un patrimoine instrumental d’une grande richesse et une pratique musicale d’une incroyable originalité. Imaginez des trompes d’appel que les musiciens brisent à la sortie de la messe, une cornemuse aux origines mystérieuses, un hautbois dont l’anche triple n’a jamais pu être reconstituée.

Ce livre se vit comme un voyage. Le lecteur peut le lire d'une traite ou bien flâner, s'arrêter en chemin, puis prendre un raccourci et aller plus avant.

15 €

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Learning method and scores for boha, Landaise bagpipes


This method will guide you step by step to progress in the mastery of the boha and solve the difficulties related to learning. It is clear and concise.


After having taught for several years in the associative environment, Yan Cozian became a boha teacher at the Landes conservatory. The transmission of the practice of the Landes bagpipe is his daily life. He wanted to share with you his experience, his experiences of transmission. It is partly based on the audiovisual method.

20 € with shipping and taxes (outside the U.E.)

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> download an extract

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An audiovisual learning method,

an innovative approach



The objective of this DVD is to use oral transmission with the help of short films to facilitate the learning of the boha. 

Yan, a boha teacher, uses his professional experience to build this original and innovative method.

20 € with shipping and taxes (outside the U.E.)

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> see an video extract method

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Carnet de bal en Gascogne

is a collection of 95 scores accompanied by a CD on which the melodies are played to the boha.  

(book + CD)

The author has chosen a repertoire of ballroom dances, usually played or sung in Gascony and especially by the bohaires.

You will find scottishs, mazurkas, circus circles and other waltzes, but also the more specific dances of Gascony such as the rondeau and the congo.

To facilitate the discovery and use of this book, all the melodies are classified according to five different criteria: type of dances - popularity - technical difficulty (for a bohemian) - musical mode - melody from the public domain or composition.

The objective of the sound file is to propose an intelligible interpretation allowing to easily pick up the melody while avoiding flat and characterless music. 

20 € with shipping and taxes (outside the U.E.)

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