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The museta is not a traditional musical instrument.

This is the version of the single reed chanter with a bag


It's a bagpipe developed to facilitate the learning of the instrument, especially for children.

It's a step that allows the beginner to perceive the play with the bag.

The instrument is in G key, so it can be played with most traditional musicians.

musetta 02.png
musetta_edited - bouchon2.png
Essentiel model

Decoration :

Engraving and exotic wood

Fa/Fa# with slide


No options


340 €

Modèle Excellence

boxwood instruments


reeds : acétal and carbon.


Fa# can be transformed in Fa


tunable minor mode


blowpipe ans reeds compartment are lined up


décoration is available

            > exotic wood

            > engraving


choice in the color of the leather of the bag

According to availability

400 €

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